The Bentway: Street Party Gala

A street party, night market and flash-mob parade to commemorate The Bentway's 2022 summer program, STREET.

On a warm June evening, 100+ guests gathered at The Bentway for an experience to celebrate the opening of Mimi Lien's large scale sculptural installation, PARADE. A flash-mob style parade kicked off the party featuring 35 diverse performers including a marching brass band, drag queens, mas camp dancers, kung-fu lion dancers, a vogue house and a handful roller skaters. The performance led guests across The Bentway property ending underneath Mimi's installation. Guests were treated to a night market featuring four delicious food vendors representing the multicultural nature of the city. Our beverage program including custom cocktails and natural wines. Popup performances by parade participants occurred throughout the evening.


Experiential Marketing, Community Building, Creative Direction, Print Design


Seasonal Campaign Design



David Pike


Art Installation

Mimi Lien


Night Market Vendors


Simpl Things

Classico Macha


Honey’s Ice Cream