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Meaningful Design Experiences Embedded in Culture We’re a creative and experiential design studio, holistically taking your project from farfetched and hypothetical to real and inspired.


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Have you noticed the absolutely staggering amount of things demanding your attention? What does it mean to stand out in our current landscape?

We’ve spent long hours over many years devoted to building brand identities, design systems and experiences that are authentic and lasting. And most importantly, they resonate. We aren’t satisfied to just tick boxes. Whether self-initiated, or client partnerships, all our projects are passion projects. Our approach is artistic, collaborative, and above all, human. We’re here to do our best and make something that inspires us. In fact, we don’t know how to do any different.

We believe integrity is the ultimate disruptor.
Mark Neil Balson

Mark is a Creative Director and Designer with over 15 years of experience working across identity, branding, print and digital design. Known for his thoughtfully daring approach, keen eye for detail and love of typography. He has worked with some of the best studios in the world including senior roles with Atlas in Spain and Underline in Toronto. He has been awarded numerous D&AD Pencils, among other major awards and in his last two roles he helped lead teams to win ADCC’s Design Studio / Agency of the Year awards. @markneilbalson


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Daniel Josef Okorn

Daniel is a Marketing Strategist with a proven track record building integrated campaigns, lifestyle brands and immersive experiences. Always one to follow his heart and instincts, he has spent the last 10+ years working for some of Canada’s most iconic design-focused brands including Tokyo Smoke, Shorefast Foundation/Fogo Island Inn and Drake Hotel Properties. He has extensive experience with integrated campaign development, social, content and influencer marketing and experiential strategy, production and execution. @danieljosef